We are a young, dynamic and creative team of people from Poznań whose ambition is to meet the expectations of our customers. Consequently, we offer uncompromising quality of our products and particularly sublime design. Choosing our articles, everyone has the opportunity to express their individual expectations, emphasise the uniqueness of the moment or the importance of an event. By offering a wide range of designs, we create the opportunity to develop your own inspirations and wizard the magic of moments whose charm should remain in your memory for a long time.  All kinds of celebrations, ceremonies or occasions should have a unique character and we are here to emphasise it.


We wish to provide our customers with the means to create their own magic during important moments,  whether at a family and festive table or at a meeting with friends on their birthdays. We strive to achieve this goal by supplying decorative napkins and gift bags in which everyone can find something interesting and responsive to specific requirements.


In our company in Poznań, we approach each and every ordered batch of gift packaging and decorations very carefully.

By eliminating any imperfections and deviations, we ensure that our customers can enjoy a product which is as perfect as possible.

Your trust and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us – therefore we always try to approach every situation individually  and to be as flexible as possible for the benefit of our customers.


Exceptional occasions require exceptional decoration. Our decorative napkins are ideally fit to play this role. Countless diverse designs 

that can be matched to any interior and any taste in terms of colour are a major asset of our products.  Each graphic design, scheme, pattern  or colour of our decorative napkins is carefully crafted, meticulously and uniquely refined so as to capture the graces of both aesthetes  and people who want to give extraordinary charm to everyday moments.


It is a good habit to offer gifts in beautiful packaging.  That is why we have created a line of tasteful and aesthetic gift bags  that will perfectly define the character of any situation.